Limousine Hire MelbourneSo you are planning to hire a limousine in Melbourne but you have not found the right company yet. You are looking for a reputable company that will give you an extraordinary experience in a limo but you don’t know how to choose the right one. Choosing for the right Melbourne limo hire company is kind of a hard task since there are plenty of limousines already in the area around Melbourne. That’s one good thing about place too right? You’ll just have to choose the closest and affordable limo service around.

When you are looking for companies you just don’t go for the affordability you have to think about its quality most of all, if that company will provide you the services you look for a limo service. So here are your guides in choosing a limousine in Melbourne.

The Occasion

Decide for what occasion you are going to use the limo for. Is it for wedding, birthday, for travel or tour or for something else? In this way it would be better to determine what type of limousine you are going rent and you will start to look for the company in Melbourne. Once you have found one, check their company according to their:


limo hire melbourneExperience is very important consideration in choosing a company. The one can give best quality services is surely the one who has years of experience. A limo hire service company that has a good reputation is the one that is still in the industry and continue growing.

What They Can Offer

Also it is important that you know what services they are offering to their customers. Search their company very well. You might find a very good company but then they do not have the limo that you are looking for or the service that you are expecting. So research well. Call them for inquires or you could just go to the company see their services and limos for yourself.

Reviews and Testimonials

One best way to know if the company is good is to look for reviews on the internet or web. Go to their website and check for reviews. Company’s credibility is important. Search for testimonials also if the company did satisfy their customers with their services.

Know the Cost

You have to be clear with the cost. The cost will determine your budget. Figure out if the cost is too expensive or too cheap. If it’s too expensive you can try to look for another company and compare otherwise it might be expensive but the quality is assured. If it is cheap then you can also compare it to another company. Don’t go directly to cheap ones you might regret it. It may be cheap but the quality of their services might be bad, so be careful.


Choose a company that has insurance. Remember that every limo hire companies has insurance. You can just ask them what insurance policies they have.


Credibility of the company is highly necessary to be reviewed. Limo hire services have license, the license that allows the limo service company to operate legally.

wine-tour-melbourne with Exotic Stretch Hummer LimousinesThe state of Victoria, Australia has been known around the world for its wineries. The Yarra Valley, Victoria's premier wine region. Being only a short distance from the City of Melbourne, it is a popular destination for wine tours. Besides tasting wines, you also get to visit vineyards and the production area of the winery. You might also be invited to help harvest the grapes. A wine tour is also a great opportunity for you to try new wines, see beautiful scenery and meet new people. You would also get to learn Australian wine history as well as interesting wine facts and practices.

A winery tour can involve the tasting of wines, hear lectures on how grapes are grown and how wines are made, watch how wines are being made and tour the farms. A wine tour can last from one whole day up to weeks. In fact, depending on the season, most wineries are open to the public and you can visit them any day but winery tours tend to be more frequent on summer. Most winery tours in Melbourne offers door to door services which would be very convenient for you. Wineries offer and host public tours at scheduled times throughout the year but you may also call-ahead for private tours. Winery tours can be done in two ways, you can either make plan a tour by yourself if you have a car and a map or you attend wine tours from professional companies. If you have never been to a winery tour before, it would be better to you take the guidance of tour companies but expect to spend more. Usually, winery tours are guided which ends with wine tasting. The purpose of the winery tours is to sell wines so expect your host to offer you to purchase some wine.

yarra-valley-wine-tours-with mr hummer winery toursWinery tours are educational. No matter where you start in your winery tour, you’ll find that there’s always something new to try and do. Most of the wineries have a retail bar where you get to choose which wines to taste. There would also be a person from the winery who would guide you throughout the tour. He will explain and show you the process on how grapes are turned into wine. You also get to see the beautiful vineyards and the tour guide would explain and show you how grapes are grown and harvested. If you are lucky enough, you might even get a chance to help the farmers harvest the grapes. Most of the tour guides have a vast knowledge of wines and will teach you the correct way of tasting wines. By the end of the day, you may end up tasting around 12 to 20 wines different wines.

Winery tours in Melbourne can make your experience truly memorable. Melbourne has a lot to offer but one of the best is the winery tours. You do not only get to taste the greatest wines in the world, you would also get to learn how it is made from grapes to wine. Winery tours melbourne is the best way to try new unfamiliar things and to know which wine do you really like. So if you are in a mood for a relaxing vacation, Melbourne is the place to go to experience the best tasting wines that this world can offer.

Have you got a favorite car that has speed through your dreams of late?

Have you got a special automotive machine that has been revving around your dreams?

Today i have put a list together showing some of my favorite vehicles that i personally have a great time reading and writing about. So join me in this post while i share with you just a few awesome rides in 2015.

First up is the hummer truck!

This awesome truck has saved the lives of many soldiers on the battle fields with its many different variations from light weight to heavily armed. This versatile truck has been a significant help to the soldiers fighting over seas as well as chugging down massive amounts of fuel for the truck hungry V8 Loving folks in the USA.

There is one type of hummer that i have some mad respect for however. The truck i love is not armored, in fact i have even found one that is Pink! Not what you would imaging for the road going beast but still, a truck worth respect none the least.

This version of a truck is the Hummer Limo and this photo was borrowed from a hummer hire Melbourne Company called Melbourne Hire a Hummer who were a great asset to my sisters wedding and deserve the mention here.

pink hummer limo melbourne


Next on the list is another awesome ride that deserves to be here as the fastest car in the world!

The Bugatti Veyron weighs in at a whopping 2 Tonne when it has a full tank of gas and can still reach 100 kph in 2.47 seconds with a massive top speed of over 400 kph!

At full speed this car can used its whole supply of fuel in 12 minutes making it a fast trip in more ways than one. The car also has 7 different cooling systems to keep the huge w 16 engine from over heating as its 4 turbos suck in most of the air on the planet!!!

Well maybe that is an over exaggeration but i am sure you get the point. Here is the best picture of a Bugatti yet!



So there you have it! my list of my favorite cars of 2015!

Yes there is only two but that is all i want and need, all i think about and all i would like to write about.

Having a Bugatti to cleans my need for speed and a stretch hummer limo to cater to my needs would be the optimal set up for me. Although i would need to own BP fuel to keep these two gas guzzling monsters alive it is still my dream!

Thanks for reading my blog post and i hope to get back to you with more of the things i love, more awesome cars and even more.

Catch me on my next blog post when i share funny used auto's that make me laugh with there out of this world repair jobs and upgrades!

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Cutting Edge AutomotiveCars have always been getting faster both in straight lines and around the bends for generations.

There seems to be no slowing down in the race to be the first car to reach 500 km/h down a straight but is it really a good idea to try and get a production car up to such astounding speeds?

Its all good and fun when we are trying to reach a goal like this for bragging rights and to push the limits of what is achievable on the road but what happens when anyone with a heavy wallet can go out and buy one of these ferocious road demons?

Do not get me wrong i am not against pushing the limits and reaching speeds that only planes, trains and bullets reach however putting myself in one of these cars seems a little un-easy. For example even if the car is able to reach those speeds and the tires have been tested to spin that fast, is there not always the issue of the unknown. For example, when they test the wheels spinning at that rate do they trough a stone under the tire at full tit? Because if they do not then that seems like an unrealistic test to me and i can assure you, they don't!

None the less it is up to the person behind the wheel to decide how fast is fast enough and as mother nature knows best it will come down to survival of the fittest. With more high speed crashes on the road than ever before it is becoming ever so clear that cars and there drivers are feeling safer behind the wheels.

For example, when air bags come out, the amount of crashes went up. This is due to the fact that people feel safer, the risk has been minimized and now there is no reason to slow down for that corner.

On the other hand, if we put a spear on the steering wheel that holds you in your seat and points directly to your heart, wouldn't you make sure you seat belt is on and drive as totally safe as you possibly could? I certainly know i would!

drift car

So in conclusion it seems that we are all doomed behind the wheels when it comes to super fast cars and taking corners sideways, even the best cant always stop themselves and with the unknown factors of the roads, it seems silly to push yourself to the extremes. But boy, isn't it fun.


What do you think about driving at the speed of sight?

Leave your comment bellow.